• Sophie la girafe is the legendary French baby toy which has been the first gift given to newborns for 60 years.
  • Another Made For Moms Award

    Another Made For Moms Award

    Sophie la girafe was awarded the prestigious Made For Moms Best Teether award for 2024! Here’s what the judging panel said: Why it’s a winner: This iconic teether has been effectively soothing teething pains for 62 years and incorporates a squeaky toy which our testers found was a great way for older siblings or parents … Read more

The World’s Favourite Baby Teether

Sophie la girafe, the world’s favourite baby teether, is your baby’s first toy. Made in France from 100% natural rubber and still traditionally produced even after 60 years, Sophie la girafe is the unique infant toy that stimulates all 5 senses of your baby.

Since 1961, generations of parents worldwide have trusted Sophie la girafe to help with their baby’s teething needs. This iconic teether can be found in many prams and cots of babies all over the world, and is famous with celebrity babies.

Sophie la girafe - Soft and nobbly parts sooth baby's gums and squeaks when pressed to stimulate baby's hearing.

Learn more about Sophie la girafe

Once upon a time - Sophie la girafe's History
Stimulating five senses - Learn how Sophie la girafe stimulates all 5 senses of your baby
Behind the scenes - Learn how Sophie la girafe is still handmade in France since 1961
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The Sophie la girafe Film

Enter the world of Sophie la girafe to learn about the secrets of her production.

Sophie la girafe Awards

Sophie la girafe awards

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