Another Made For Moms Award

Sophie la girafe was awarded the prestigious Made For Moms Best Teether award for 2024!

Here’s what the judging panel said:

Why it’s a winner: This iconic teether has been effectively soothing teething pains for 62 years and incorporates a squeaky toy which our testers found was a great way for older siblings or parents to get baby’s attention. Made from 100% natural rubber and non-toxic, food-grade paint, Sophie is reassuringly safe for even the youngest babies and her dimensions (25cm x 14cm) make it very easy for small hands to grip. One parent tester found, “as a slightly larger teething toy, it’s easier for my baby to pick up and use and because the whole toy is chewable, every part can bring relief.”

In the words of parent tester Ailidh, who tested this with their 4 month old: “With a soft but firm surface and a multitude of shapes and textures for my daughter to chew on, Sophie provides much-needed relief from teething symptoms, soothing her sore mouth. The added squeak the toy lets out when squeezed brings complete delight to my daughter every time.”

Thank you to every who have voted for us!

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