Touch and Play Music Plush


This interactive plush is not just a regular soft toy – it’s a musical and engaging companion that comes to life with just a touch. Designed to create moments of joy and bonding with your family, this plush reacts to skin contact, making it an exciting and interactive addition to your family time. With its unique activation system, this plush toy brings a whole new level of interactivity to playtime, allowing you and your family to share moments together. Whether it’s singing along to a song or simply snuggling up together, this plush creates a warm and engaging atmosphere that your whole family will love.

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This innovative plush toy is set to revolutionize the interactive toy market! With its magical touch and music features, it creates an engaging and interactive experience that brings families closer together. As well as being an adorable companion to cuddle, the Touch & Music Plush also helps to stimulate a baby’s senses of touch and hearing, while developing their fine motor skills and understanding of cause and effect relationships.

The plush toy offers two exciting game modes to choose from:

  • In solo mode, simply touch the two sensory sensors located under Sophie’s paws with your fingers, feet, nose, or any other body part to trigger a musical note. The notes combine to create a melody, and if you hold it for more than three seconds, the entire melody plays automatically.
  • In multiplayer mode, the whole family can join in the fun by holding hands to form a circle and then tapping each other’s skin to trigger a musical note. Sophie la girafe plays music to the rhythm of the tapping, creating a magical and exciting experience that can involve up to four players.

Overall, the Touch & Music Plush is a game-changing toy that creates moments of joy and bonding for families. With its innovative features and adorable design, it’s sure to become a firm favorite with children and parents alike.

Max: 4 players


3xAAA included.


3 months +

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29 x 25 x 17 cm

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Touch and Play Music Plush