5 Reasons to the question “Why is Sophie la girafe so popular?”

This is a very common question posed by parents learning about Sophie la girafe for the first time. We’ve analysed this and these are the 5 reasons why Sophie la girafe is so popular with parents and babies:

1. Parents trust Sophie la girafe

Parents have come to trust Sophie la girafe’s quality and safety. Since babies put everything into their mouths, concerned parents strive to let their babies chew on safe and tested products. Sophie la girafe is a unique teether that is made from natural rubber and food quality paint, unlike other plastic products. As such, parents seeking a natural product for their babies will choose Sophie la girafe for their baby’s teething.

Sophie la girafe is tested by various test labs all over the world, and passes all the strict requirements for toy safety. Sophie la girafe meets the American ASTM F963, European EN71 and Australian toy safety standards. Each Sophie la girafe has a little code at the back of the leg, for traceability for product assurance.

Lastly, Sophie la girafe is still made in France today. The process to create each Sophie la girafe takes about 3 months, and involves 14 manual operations. At each


Young babies like to put things into their mouths, especially when they are teething. So when I select toys for my little one, I’m very particular about the material and paint used since he is going to bite it. Sophie passes my scrutiny because it uses natural rubber and food grade dyes. Being cute and squeaky (yes it makes sounds :o) is another plus point!

Denise on Mar 27, 2019

2. Babies love chewing Sophie la girafe

Sophie la girafe is a unique baby teether that can be chewed on throughout (from head to toe). It does not have a hard plastic handle or wooden ring or other not-supposed-to-be-chewed part. As such, Sophie la girafe is soft and chewy all over and babies love to explore gnashing on Sophie la girafe’s horns and ears, and long legs.

Baby chewing on Sophie la girafe's horn and ears
Baby chewing on Sophie la girafe's legs

3. Early to Late Stage Teething

Baby Teeth Eruption Chart

Teething usually starts from 6 months and continues until the baby is about 36 months. In the beginning, babies start growing their front teeth (also known as the incisors), and only grow the back teeth (called molars) very much later. See the accompanying image for a breakdown of the stages.

As such, your baby would need a teether that they can chew on when growing the incisors, as well as when they are growing their molars.

This is where Sophie la girafe excels. Sophie la girafe has long legs, which babies love to put into their mouths, so they can chew the entire length of their gum bed. Most other teethers can only help with the front teeth, and not when baby is growing the rear teeth.

Therefore, Sophie la girafe helps with early and late stage teething.


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