Natural rubber, our raw organic material

What is Sophie la girafe made from?

Sophie la girafe is made from 100% natural rubber, and decorated with food quality paint.

What is natural rubber?

100% natural rubber, a pure, living material, is the very essence of a commitment to quality. Just like coffee, several varieties of natural rubber exist, each having different properties.

In the interest of quality and safety, the rubber variety we use meets very strict mechanical and chemical requirements. It makes it possible to create sturdy, soft and pleasant to the touch products while ensuring suppleness and safety for your baby. Like any natural material, it changes over time.

What are the special qualities of the natural rubber that Sophie la girafe is made from?

Sourced from Hevea trees, natural rubber is endowed with exceptional properties, specifically flexible resistance to strong stresses. This is the reason why it is used in the fabrication of products that must meet the highest quality requirements. It is also waterproof, soft and pleasant to the touch.

What is the difference between natural rubber and plastic?

Natural rubber is a material of botanical origin, while plastic is a synthetic material made from petrochemicals.

What is the paint made from?

The paints used on Sophie la girafe are composed of 100% natural rubber (the same as the one used for the fabrication of Sophie la girafe) and natural pigments. Once these two materials are mixed by the operator, they form the food-grade “paint” that is used to decorate Sophie la girafe.

The same brown pigment is applied to make the spots, ears, horns and hoofs; the pink pigment to make the mouth and cheeks; and finally, the black pigment for the eyes.

Why do the colours differ from one Sophie la girafe to another?

Every Sophie la girafe is hand-painted. Their colour differs according the shade of the natural pigment and the actions of our operators in our workshops. Each Sophie la girafe is therefore unique.

Taking care of my Sophie la girafe

How can I clean my Sophie la girafe?

Under normal use of Sophie la girafe and in accordance with packaging instructions, cleaning the toy’s surface using a cloth moistened with soapy water is all that is needed. Please note Sophie la girafe has a hole on the back of it, for the squeaker. Parents and caregivers must ensure that water does not enter inside the product during cleaning.

For this same reason, it is important to refrain from rinsing or submerging Sophie la girafe and from placing Sophie la girafe in the dishwasher.

If required, it is possible to spend more time scrubbing with your cloth moistened with soapy water. In fact, the longer the time spent scrubbing the product with soap, the more effective the cleaning.

To see a visual explanation of the cleaning instructions for Sophie la girafe, please watch our video:

Can Sophie la girafe be sterlised?

In accordance with what is written on the product packaging, we do not recommend sterilising Sophie la girafe.

Known sterilisation methods require partial or full immersion of the product in a sterilising solution (boiling water or water with a sterilisation tablet) that could damage it.

Can Sophie la girafe be UV sterilised?

You should not put Sophie la girafe in the UV steriliser. UV light is known to deteriorate natural rubber. This is known as UV degradation. As such, the UV steriliser will damage Sophie la girafe.

Can Sophie la girafe be placed in the bath?

It is important to remember that Sophie la girafe is not a bath toy. Should water enters the product, there is a risk of damage to the whistle and the product itself.

For bath time, we offer other toys (made of natural rubber or plastic), that are specially designed to entertain your baby in the water.

What about baby’s saliva? Does it cause mould when it drips into the squeaker hole?

Saliva is naturally antimicrobial. As such, a little saliva that flows the interior of Sophie la girafe does not promote the growth of mould.

Is there a risk for children if water stagnates in Sophie la girafe?

There is no specific risk for your child. However, like other toys with a hole, if a lot of water enters it and becomes stagnant, it can promote the growth of mould.

Do remember to follow the cleaning and usage instructions, to prevent water from entering the squeaker hole in Sophie la girafe.

Can I keep Sophie la girafe and give it to my next child?

Sophie la girafe is a baby teether that is used to relieve his sore gums during teething. It is intended for infants and promoting the development of all 5 senses from the earliest age. For hygiene reasons, this product must not be used by several babies, exchanged, given to another baby or resold. Just as with a toothbrush, pacifier or feeding bottle nipple, this toy must only make the happiness of a single “little” owner.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that Sophie la girafe is made from natural rubber; a “living” material that changes over time. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of Sophie la girafe by a second baby.

Our Quality Approach

How are Sophie la girafe products tested?

The Vulli company has always places the quality and security of its products at the heart of its concerns. Sophie la girafe is chemically and mechanically tested in multiple recognised and independent laboratories.

We also conduct internal quality control tests during each of the 14 manufacturing steps.

How do we certify the quality of Sophie la girafe products?

Every Sophie la girafe toy produced bears a batch number on one of the legs, enabling full product traceability. Each number corresponds to a batch tested in a recognised laboratory and certifies its compliance with the strictest current European and worldwide standards. We are one of the few toy manufacturers in the world to provide our consumers with such strong product traceability and resulting safety level.

Furthermore, all Sophie la girafe products produced for the European market carry the European Union CE label. This label indicates that the Vulli company guarantees that the product fulfils the European Toy Safety Directive. In practice, this means that all Sophie la girafe products must fulfil the most stringent regulatory requirements in the industry.

True or False?

Sophie la girafe a bath toy.

FALSE: Sophie la girafe is not a bath toy.

Even if giraffes can swim, Sophie la girafe can’t 😉 For bath time, we offer other toys (made of natural rubber or plastic), that are specially designed to entertain your baby in the water.

Sophie la girafe causes mould.

FALSE: Sophie la girafe does not contain mould. Under normal product use, there is no reason for Sophie la girafe to contain or develop mould. When Sophie la girafe is improperly used (failure to comply with cleaning and/or usage instructions), it is possible for mould to develop inside the product if water remains stagnant within it. However, it is important to note that rubber, being a waterproof material, does not allow the transfer of bacteria between the product’s inner and outer surfaces.

My baby’s saliva can go into Sophie la girafe while chewing it and cause mould.

FALSE: Studies have been conducted and indicate that it is improbable (or in really rare cases) that saliva can transform into mould.

Sophie la girafe contains nitrosamines.

FALSE: Sophie la girafe complies with current European and worldwide standards concerning nitrosamines and other substances.

Sophie la girafe contains BPA.

FALSE: Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical compound contained in plastics, particularly in polycarbonates (PC) and in resins that neutralise corrosion (those that cover the interior of cans, tubes and tins). Because Sophie la girafe is made from 100% natural rubber, it does not contain BPA.

If you have any other question about Sophie la girafe or our other products, feel free to contact us.

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